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my name is Calyssa.
i love Lions.
i think seth rogan is sexy as fuck and is the funniest man ever.
I'm 20 (almost 21)
my best friends are Brittany and Hayley. i love them so so much <3.
i love Video games (mostly Zelda and Final Fantasy
i am obsessed with LOTR
I have to cats. Frodo and Samwise. I love them so much <3

That moment when you’re so stoned you don’t know if you should take a hit or if you just took a hit.

I’ll take the hit anyways.

New video on YouTube http://youtu.be/zKoAwtxfPxc leave out all the rest by linkin park #song #acoustic #cover #guitar #youtube #singing

"come downstairs and socialize"




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I had a seizure last night

This is the second one since March/ April. The only difference between this time and last time was my nose ended up bleeding. I quite literally saw my life flash before my eyes. Scary shit. And yet I’m still at work, doing my job.


when i’m on a break, whether its spring break or winter break or summer break or just a long weekend i seem to forget that something as terrible and frightening as school actually exists

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